Alliance with Williamsport Bureau of Fire

In September of 1999, we combined our manpower and equipment resources to better serve the community. By accessing full time manpower at our station with Williamsport firefighters. In exchange we provided them with Engine 1-14.



Williamsport Bureau of Fire Chiefs

  • Fire Chief: Todd Heckman
  • Deputy Chief: Dave Dymeck
  • Assistant Chief: Mark Killian


A-Platoon (Chief Aungst)


  • J.J. Lyons (14-1 Rider)
  • Sherman Heaster (14-1 Engineer)


B-Platoon (Chief Rundio)


  • Greg Delany (14-1 Rider)
  • Neil Hensler (14-1 Engineer)


C-Platoon (Chief Shank)


  • Mike Bastian (14-1 Rider)
  • Vacant (14-1 Engineer)


D-Platoon (Chief Lucas)


  • Phil Fagnano (14-1 Engineer)
  • Bob Losell (14-1 Rider)